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Marc Mulholland, Oxford University
What I've Done

Dr Marc Mulholland

St Catherine's College, Oxford

M.A., Ph.D.
Lecturer (CUF) in Modern History
St Catherine's College

My research interests concern Ulster Unionism, Irish Republicanism, political violence in Ireland, the troubles in Northern Ireland and non-Stalinist revolutionary socialist traditions.

Selected publications:

  • The Longest War: Northern Ireland's Troubled History (Oxford, 2002)
  • To Care Always: 100 years of Holywell Hospital, Antrim, 1898-1998 (Antrim, 1999)
  • Northern Ireland at the Crossroads: Ulster Unionism in the O'Neill Years, 1960-9 (Basingstoke and New York, 2000)
  • 'Assimilation versus segregation: Unionist strategy in the 1960s', Twentieth Century British History, vol.ii, no.3 (2000), pp.284-30.
  • Here are a couple of my book reviews, on Irish history, at the excellent Voice of the Turtle website.

    I gave a talk on Northern Ireland at


    Hay Talk