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Marc Mulholland, Oxford University
About Me

I am a Fellow at St Catherine's College, Oxford. I teach Modern History - mostly nineteenth and twentieth century stuff - and do research on Irish History, particularly Northern Ireland.

I was born in County Fermanagh, but grew up in the Townland of Mullansallagh, near Portglenone, in County Antrim.
My BA, MA & PhDs were all completed in Queen's University, Belfast. 
For my Master's, I produced a detailed calendar entitled: Calendar of material relating to the annual conferences of the Northern Ireland Labour Party 1958 - 64 and one special conference, 1962, deposited in the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland. I also wrote a 20,000 word thesis entitled:
The Northern Ireland Labour Party in context, 1958 - 65.
Both works are deposited in QUB School of Modern History, The Linen Hall Library of Belfast and the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland.
My PhD thesis had the unattractive title: The Evolution of Ulster Unionism 1960 - 9: Causes, Course and Consequences. I graduated in 1997.
After that, I spent a year writing a history of Holywell (psychiatric) hospital in County Antrim. Then, in 1998, I left Northern Ireland to become Senior Irish Government Scholar in the History and Culture of Ireland, Hertford College, Oxford University.
In 2000 I became a Fellow at St Catz.